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Moment for Decision


Calling each Zimbabwean and friend of Zimbabwe

  • On 22 May 2013 the new Constitution of Zimbabwe was signed into law.

  • In July 2014 an IPP-SIPD pilot project on ‘Peace & The Constitution’ of Zimbabwe was trialled successfully in the village of Goromonzi (photo above) and, in August, the township of Mabvuku.

  • On 30 September 2016 an IPP fundraising reception was held in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to build support for rolling out the educational project on ‘Peace & The Constitution’ across all the provinces of Zimbabwe.


In 2018, elections for the President and Parliament of Zimbabwe are due to take place.


IF the new Constitution of Zimbabwe is upheld they will be peaceful or any violence can be dealt with under the Constitution.

THAT Constitution depends on the loyalty of each and every citizen for it is the supreme law of Zimbabwe (section 2) under ‘Almighty God, in whose hands our future lies’ (Preamble).

YOURS TO DECIDE, and each and every friend of Zimbabwe to support, whether

‘… to disseminate awareness and knowledge of this Constitution throughout society’ (section 7(c))… especially to children and young people (section 19 and 20)…

… not just for election year but in perpetuity.


JOIN US on SUNDAY 19 MAY 2018 to support and raise funds for this educational project! [View flyer here.] See how you can help before then: visit the ‘Commit’ page.



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